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Using precision spectroscopy of diatomic molecules to investigate fundamental physics: 207Pb19F hyperfine splittings.
Conférence: Lycée-université | le 21 11 2016 | M. Trevor
Recently, it has been realized that precision measurements of the spectra of certains small molecules containing a heavy atom can provide opportunities to investigate parity- violating effects and oth...
Angular momentum, symmetry and rotational energy IV.
Conférence: Lycée-université | le 16 11 2016 | M. Trevor
Spherical tensor operators, 0-rank, 1st-rank and 2nd-rank tensor operators. Products of spherical tensor operators. Wigner-Eckart theorem. Matrix elements of tensor operators. Spin-orbit interaction i...
Angumar momentum, symmetry and rotational energy III.
Conférence: Lycée-université | le 15 11 2016 | M. Trevor
Coupling of 3 and 4 angular momenta: 6-j and 9-j symbols. Rotational operators, Euler angles, relation between rotation and regular momentum. Wigner rotation matrices. Connection to group theory (brie...
Old problem meet new techniques: Apllication of frequancy comb-referenced spectroscopy.
Conférence: Lycée-université | le 10 11 2016 | M. Trevor
Frequency comb technology has become widely available, it is now paratical to routinely measure optical spectra with accuracy ansd precision approaching a few parts in 10^12. If opens up possibilities...
Angular momentum, symmetry and rotational energy II.
Conférence: Lycée-université | le 09 11 2016 | M. Trevor
Properties of spherical harmonics, coupling of angular momenta. Example Matlab plots of spherical harmonics. Generaized angular momentum operators. Vector model for angular momenta 'classical=. Coupli...
Angular momentum,symmetry and rotational energy I.
Conférence: Lycée-université | le 08 11 2016 | M. Trevor
Review of matrix approach to eigenvalue problem, example: hyperfine structure of the hydrogen atom. Varational theorem, form of matrix solution. Orbital angular momentum, spherical harmonics....

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